Grand Canyon National Park

As many of you know, I’m spending an incredible amount of time subaruing across the country and visiting our nations great National Parks. And this past weekend, I linked up with my brother and together we headed up to explore along the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

I’ve seen several canyons in my time but nothing could prepare me for the overwhelming power of the Grand Canyon. From the moment you take in that first vista, you’re addicted. It’s a nature high and you just keep craving more. While there, we checked out the visitors center in Grand Canyon Village (one of the best I have ever visited), hiked the paved and handicapped accessible Rim Trail and then took off in the Subaru out towards the iconic and historic Desert View watchtower.

If you’re out subaruing in the desert southwest, be sure to put the Grand Canyon on your list. Plan to spend at least a day here exploring all this park has to offer. My only suggestion is that you plan to arrive early and/or, consider entering the park from Cameroon (coming past Desert View into the park). The south entrance was very busy and took nearly thirty minutes to get inside park boundaries. As we were exiting the park near Cameroon, there was zero traffic coming into the park.



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