Montezuma Castle National Monument

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have completed my move back to Georgia. I arrived just in time to be slammed with holiday events that ultimately resulted in a bout of “lazy blogging”. I’m back now and will post as I travel.  I did want to take a few blogs and catch up on some pre-relocation travel ops.

On Saturday September 20, I went for a drive in Northern Arizona and along the way, managed to hit up a few National Monuments. The first, Montezuma Castle National Monument. MCNM preserves a twenty room cliff dwelling that served the pre-historic Sinagua Indians well over 600 years ago. Many believed that the ancient structure was associated with Montezuma, but it is believed to have been abandoned more than a century before his birth.

Montezuma Castle National Monument is easily accessible, even for disabled visitors. There is a nice and rather large visitors center. There is also a large, paved trail (plenty wide enough for powered scooters, wheel chairs and plenty of visitors) that is about 3/4 mile long. It affords some impressive views of the cliff dwellings and many different types of plant life.

The monument is located about five minutes off I-17 in Camp Verde, AZ in a well developed area featuring a nearby casino, and plenty of fuel stations. The is ample parking and the visitor’s center restrooms were very clean. There is also a great gift shop and the rangers were extremely helpful and gave me plenty of options for sight-seeing in the area including a short drive on a backcountry road to see some ancient petrogliphs.

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