Joshua Tree National Park

It seems like it was only yesterday when I headed out into the deserts of California to visit the iconic Joshua Tree National Park. This vast desert wonderland is so expansive that it covers parts of two distinctly different deserts the Mojave and the Colorado. And lying within this expansive desert, is an amazing convergence zone where varied plant and animal life from both desert ecosystems can be found coexisting alongside one another.

Known for the unique and spiney Joshua Tree (which is actually a Yucca species) which can grow up to forty feet tall, Joshua Tree is also home to the desert tortoise, Big Horn sheep, rattlesnakes and so much more. To experience Joshua Tree at it’s best, you need to spend the night.

Joshua Tree also a rock hoppers, boulders and climbers paradise. Some of the best climbing and bouldering in the region can be found in this desert park. If you’re planning on a visit, keep in mind that in the Summer, daytime highs are in the 100’s.  During my visit, temperatures were in the upper 90’s to low 100’s as I traveled around the park. The park service is doing some construction on the main road in the park closer to the Cottonwood section which is as the south entrance to the park off of I-10.  There’s also load’s of hiking in Joshua Tree with trails ranging from a quarter mile loop, to miles upon miles. There’s something for everyone in this amazing and iconic National Park.

Check out this video for some great pics from JTNP!


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