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Fort Mountain State Park

I’m back in Georgia for a week or two and as expected, I’m visiting some of my favorite places around the state and around the Southeast. Nothing beats the amazing trails and parks in this part of the country. Trees, wildlife and roaring rivers abound. Trails just waiting to be explored.

My first visit was a family picnic to one of Georgia’s most popular state parks, Fort Mountain. This park takes its name after the ruins of an ancient fort that existed atop the mountains. A trail leading to the summit affords some amazing vistas, as well as a chance for the avid explorer and history buff to explore and photograph the walls of the old fort.

The park also features a spring-fed mountain lake and many streams. If you have an opportunity to visit Fort Mountain, I recommend the hike around the lake. It’s easy and offers great photography. Across the street from the lake’s earthen dam is another trail that descends into the forest. This trail is steep, but well worth the excursion. It follows a creek and there are several small cascades.┬áThis trail is often overlooked by park guests, so it’s almost certain to be hike by oneself.

While in the area be sure to check out the great overlooks along the way. They offer amazing views of the North Georgia mountains. If you’re traveling in the Autumn, be sure to stop over in Ellijay, GA. Ellijay is Georgia’s apple capital. Here, you’ll find the Apple Festival and some of the freshest Apples you’ll ever eat!


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